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Wiktor Grodecki (born 25 February 1960 in Warsaw)[1] is a Polish film director, screenwriter and producer known for Mandragora (five main prizes at Geneva "Stars Of Tomorrow" film festival in Switzerland in 1997 and Audience Choice Award at Palm Springs Intl Film Fest, USA 1998 as well as Insatiability - an adaptation of the novel by Witkacy which was awarded Best Indie Director prize by SAG in USA in 2004.


He studied at the films direction faculty in the National Film School in Łódź under the supervision of prof. Wojciech Jerzy Has.[2] The first step of his international career was directing the 1985 movie Him which was produced by the University of Minnesota Film Society in collaboration with renowned producer Albert Milgrom.

In 1994 he made a documentary film about male child prostitution in Czech republic, Not Angels But Angels, followed by another one in the same theme Body Without Soul the two documentaries featuring graphic, sexually explicit footage of underage minors and the dissection of a corpse shot on location in Prague.

In 1997, he made the controversial movie Mandragora which is a dramatic story about a young guy cognizing the world of prostitution, drugs and AIDS. The film won many awards and was seen by Václav Havel, who wrote a letter to congratulate Grodecki personally. The letter from President Havel praising Grodecki was published by Mlada Fronta Dnes, a major newspaper of the Czech Republic.

In 2004 Grodecki filmed Insatiability based on the novel by St.I.Witkiewicz (Witkacy). The film starred Cezary Pazura in three different roles (Zypcio's Father, his seducer Tengier and his commander Kocmoluchowicz). Insatiability was premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2004 (in the official section: Panorama Special) where it received excellent reviews. In Los Angeles - Screen Actors Guild of America awarded Grodecki the SAG Best Indie Director Award for Insatiability (2004).




  • 1981: Nie brooklinski most
  • 1981: Portret artysty z czasów młodości
  • 1981: Już tylko tyle
  • 1982: Nagi przyszedlem
  • 1984: Him
  • 1994: Not Angels But Angels
  • 1996: Body Without Soul
  • 1997: Mandragora
  • 1999: Ich wünsch Dir Liebe
  • 2000: Inferno
  • 2003-2005: Czego się boją faceci, czyli seks w mniejszym mieście, Season 1, Episodes 4-13
  • 2003: Nienasycenie
  • 2011: The Soul of the Murdered Kingdom (Pre-Production)


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