Cohen College Prep High School

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Cohen College Prep High School

Cohen College Prep High School is a New Orleans college prep high school serving 9th through 12th grade students in Uptown New Orleans, Louisiana, United States.[1] It is named after Walter L. Cohen, a free man of color who became the Registrar of the U.S. Land Office.[2]


The school was once under the authority of New Orleans Public Schools, but fell under the authority of the Recovery School District.[3] In 2012, Walter L. Cohen High School became part of New Orleans College Prep, a charter school operator headquartered in New Orleans.[4] The school was then renamed Cohen College Prep High School.

New Orleans College Prep was expanding one grade per year under an agreement with the alumni association of Cohen. In October 2012, when Cohen was under the Recovery School District, it had grades 11 and 12 with 110 students, and New Orleans College Prep had grades 9 and 10. Also in October 2012, the Recovery School District signed an agreement for Future is Now Schools to manage the operations of Cohen's upper level grades before being transferred to New Orleans College Prep. In October 2012, Patrick Dobard, the superintendent of the RSD, fired the principal of Cohen.[5]

Notable alumni


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