Bais Rajput

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Bais Rajput
Bais Rajput tribe, published in The People of India

The B(h)ais Rajputs (pronounced [ˈbɛ̃ːs ˈraːdʒpuːt̪]) are a Rajput clan from northern India and Pakistan.


Their wealth caused the Bais Rajput to be described[by whom?] in the 1830s as the "best dressed and housed people of the southern Oudh".[1]

In these masses of lands many towns were erected but there still remained vast amounts of lands wasteful as they were not being used for any cause. The Bais Rajputs then decided in making money from these lands by agriculture. They hired many farmers to work the lands and produced profits adding to their already rich positions in wealth.[1]

The Bais Rajputs were known for well-building.[1]


Some Muslim Bais Rajput Thakurs experience problems in expressing their Thakur identity following the religion of Islam as it does not allow one to be self extravagant and flamboyant in acts. They form part of the larger Khanzada community in Awadh.[2]

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