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Turkish Wikipedia
Type of site
Internet encyclopedia project
Available in Turkish
Headquarters Miami, Florida
Owner Wikimedia Foundation
Commercial No
Registration Optional
Launched December 2002 (2002-12)
Current status Active

The Turkish Wikipedia (Turkish: Türkçe Vikipedi) is the Turkish language edition of Wikipedia, spelled Vikipedi. Started in December 2002, as of 23 March 2017 this edition has and is the 29th largest Wikipedia edition.[1]

In November 2006, the Turkish Wikipedia was nominated under the Science category for Altın Örümcek Web Ödülleri (Golden Spider Web Awards), which are commonly known as the "Web Oscars" for Turkey.[2] In January 2007, the Turkish Wikipedia was given the award for "Best Content" in this competition. The award was given in a ceremony on 25 January 2007 at Istanbul Technical University.[3][4]

In 2015, its banner drawing attention to the gender bias on Wikipedia drew the attention of Turkish media.[5]


  • January 2004 — 100 articles
  • July 2004 — 1,000 articles
  • November 2005 — 10,000 articles
  • March 2007 — ~55,000 articles
  • February 2008 — 100,000 articles[6]
  • 9 December 2012 — 200,000 articles[7]


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