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TmaxSoft, Inc.
IndustrySoftware & Programming
FoundedSeoul, South Korea (1997)
Chicago, Illinois Global Headquarters
Key people
Daeyeon Park, Founder and CTO
Dongchul Kim, TmaxSoft CEO
Joshua Yulish, TmaxSoft Inc. CEO
Number of employees
Over 1100 (as of September 2018)

TmaxSoft is a South Korea-based multinational corporation specializing in enterprise software. It was founded in 1997 by Professor Daeyeon Park, former Professor at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology). The company is separated into 3 businesses: TmaxSoft, TmaxData,and TmaxOS. Currently, TmaxData and TmaxOS are run as affiliated companies.

The company started as a middleware solution provider. It is now the largest provider of enterprise software systems in South Korea, as of 2007 [1] and is a member of the JCP. Its middleware products include Tmax (Transaction Process Monitoring Solution), JEUS (Web Application Server), and the WebtoB (Web Server). Other products include Tibero (DMBS), ProSync, Sysmaster (Application Performance Monitoring), ProFrame (Application Framework for banking), OpenFrame (Mainframe legacy rehosting solution), TmaxOS (Desktop Operating System), TmaxOffice, ToGate (Web browser), Prozone (Cloud solution), and big data solutions (ZetaData, HyperData, and AnyMiner).


  • 1997 Company founded, Tmax TP Monitor launched
  • 2000 JEUS launched, WebtoB launched, Tmax Japan founded
  • 2002 J2EE 1.2 certified, JCP joined, OpenFrame launched, Tmax US founded
  • 2003 Tibero DBMS launched, Tibero incorporated, ProFrame launched, Anylink launched, Tmax China founded
  • 2009 JEUS(TM) positioned in 'Visionary' Gartner Magic Quadrant[2]
  • 2006 Java EE5 certified (World 1st), Web Application Server #1 market share in Korean market
  • 2010 KT Innotz Joint Venture founded, G Corp project in US sales
  • 2011 JEUS(TM) positioned in 'Visionary' Gartner Magic Quadrant[3]
  • 2012 Web Application Server #1 market share in Korean market for 10 years, Awarded "Best Software Business
  • 2013 Tmax Singapore, Tmax Russia, Tmax UK founded
  • 2014 Tmax Brazil founded
  • 2016 TmaxSoft designates its Chicago office as its global headquarters and appoints Joshua Yulish as new global CEO[4]

In 1997, TmaxSoft developed Tmax, a standard TP-monitor, it was the first of its kind to be developed in Korea and only the second in the world. In 2000, TmaxSoft released JEUS and WebtoB. In 2001, it received J2EE 1.2 certification (US Sun Microsystems –JEUS 3.0),[5] and J2EE 1.3 certification (US Sun Microsystems –JEUS 4.0)[6] the following year. It also released SkyMail and SysKeeper EAM. In 2003, TmaxSoft released AnyLink and Tibero, and received the world’s first J2EE 1.4 certification (US Sun Microsystems),.[7][8] TmaxSoft opened a new R&D center in Seohyeon-dong, Bundang. TmaxSoft released OpenFrame, JEUS 5.0, BizMaster, SysMaster, and SysKeeper OS in 2004. In 2005, ProFrame was released and was featured in Gartner EAS Magic Quadrants (2Q’05). In 2006, TmaxSoft received the world’s first Java EE 5 certification (US Sun Microsystems –JEUS 6.0). In 2013, TmaxSoft's JEUS 8 (Developer Preview Edition) passed Java EE 7 Compatibility Test Suite first as a commercial application server product. On Nov. 26th in 2009, TmaxSoft received a Good Software certification for Tibero 4.0.

Until 2010, TmaxSoft operated an affiliate company developing operating systems, called TmaxCore. It was sold to Samsung SDS in June 2010.,[9][10]

Company Expansion

In recent years the company has experienced growth both domestically and globally, establishing subsidiaries in Japan (2000), USA (2002), China (2003), Singapore (2013), UK (2013), Russia (2013), and Brazil (2014).[11] In the domestic market Tmax enjoys a 42.1% share of the middleware market [12] with most major financial and government institutions utilizing the company’s products.[13]

Products and Services

TmaxSoft product lines are divided into interface framework, business framework, middleware, system management, database, and rehosting.

  • Interface framework: AnyLink
    • AnyLink is a message-based communication middleware solution which supports linking an existing system with internal and external channels through message-based data transfer.In order to link systems quickly and easily, Anylink provides gateways for transferring messages, and provides a tool for easy monitoring, maintenance, and development of internal and external linked systems.
  • Middleware: JEUS, WebtoB, Tmax (TP Monitor)
    • JEUS is the first WAS(Web Application Server) in the world to be J2EE 1.4(JEUS 5), JAVA EE 5(JEUS 6), and JAVA EE 6(JEUS 7) Certified. JEUS became a global market and technology leader, and domestically achieved number one market share. It provides a variety of enterprise system functions such as transaction control, session management, and distributed session clustering. Its hierarchical structure maximizes flexibility and extensibility and enables the effective and easy use of business logic.
    • WebtoB is a next generation web server which overcomes the structural problems of existing Web servers and provides excellent performance and stability. It is designed to provide reliable service even when receiving a large volume of transaction requests. Error conditions such as processing delays or server shutdown can be effectively managed using WebtoB. In addition to basic web server functionality, WebtoB provides powerful functions for security, error handling, and massive-scale transaction processing.
    • Tmax (Transaction MAXimization) is a TP-Monitor which facilitates and oversees transaction processing in distributed systems that consist of multiple machines and properly handles system and network errors. A TP-Monitor (Transaction Processing Monitor), often called middleware, watches transactions across multiple systems and databases and ensures integrity of data across the resources involved in the transaction, regardless of access protocol.
  • System Monitoring: SysMaster
    • SysMaster is an Application Performance Monitoring(APM) solution that manages a wide range of enterprise system components. It supports efficient resource management by enabling identification of IT infrastructure status and error causes and supporting statistics analysis for applications such as WASs, TP-Monitors, databases, and frameworks. It also reduces costs and guarantees IT resource performance by preregistering error processing activities and providing a fast error handling function.
  • Rehosting: OpenFrame
    • OpenFrame is a rehosting solution that enables the applications, resources, and data residing within a mainframe legacy system to be migrated to a more flexible, transparent, and cost-efficient open system platform. OpenFrame does not merely allow mainframe applications to run on an open system. It also ensures high levels of processing speed, capacity, and reliability that is equal to or greater than that of the legacy mainframe system that it replaced.
  • Database Tibero (Tibero Database, Tibero ProSync)

TmaxSoft offers a range of rapid technical support options (remote and on-site) for businesses purchasing its products.[17]

Awards Recognition and Memberships

Tmax software products and have been listed as a ‘Niche player’ and ‘Visionary’ by Gartner magic quadrant for Enterprise Application Servers.,[18] Jeus 7 (WAS) received the world’s first Java EE 6 certification, in 2009.[19]

TmaxSoft has been actively involved in JAVA standards development while continuing to develop Enterprise Application Servers (EAS) and is a member of the Java Community Process [20] TmaxSoft has been ranked the first (IDC Korea) in the Korean WAS market in 2003, 2004, and since 2008.[21]


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