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Spillers Ltd
HeadquartersNew Malden, Surrey
Key people
Joel Spiller (founder)

Spillers Ltd was a British company that owned flour milling operations, operated bakeries and also sold pet food and equine feeds.


Winalot is a popular brand of dog food sold by Spillers.[1] The name was first used in 1927 for dog biscuits. They were initially marketed as a food for racing greyhounds, but soon gained popularity with pet-owners and became a brand leader in the 1930s.[2]

In 1947, Spillers acquired Foster Mill next to the railway station in Station Road, Cambridge.[3]

In 1964, Spillers took over the Kennomeat dog food brand with its acquisition of a subsidiary of Robert Wilson & Sons, Scottish Animal Products Ltd.[2]

In 1978, Spillers acquired Modern Maid Food Products Inc of Garden City, NJ (NYSE:MMF).[4]

In 1979 Spillers was acquired by Dalgety plc,[5] after a hostile take-over battle. The company's bakery business was spun off and sold to Allied Bakeries.[6]

In the late 1990s, following a BSE crisis in the United Kingdom, Dalgety entered into a series of disposals and sold Spillers flour milling operations to Kerry Group plc in 1997[7] and its pet foods business to Nestlé in 1997.[8]

The Spillers business was expanded by Nestlé, and the Winalot brand was extended to include a range of dry and tinned dogfoods and snacks.

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