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Simple reverse dictionary

Walker's Rhyming Dictionary, one of the oldest, lists words in alphabetical order of the reversed word, with an appendix covering the differently spelled but homo-phonic endings.[1]


Word Reversed Definition
Felucca acculef A small open boat, s.
Angelica acilegna A plant, s.
Basilica acilisab The middle vein of the arm, a.
Vomica acimov An encysted tumour in the lungs, a.
Pica acip The green sickness; a printing letter, a.
Sciatica acitaics The hip-gout, s.
Anasarca acrasana A sort of dropsy, or pitting of the flesh, s.
Armada adamra A large fleet of ships of war, s.
Cassada adassac An American plant, s.
Coloquintida aditniuqoloc The bitter apple, s.
Asafoetida aditeofasa A stinking gum, s.
Credenda adnederc Articles of faith, s. plur.
Panacea aecanap A universal medicine; an herh, a.
Idea aedi Mental imagination, s.
Bohea aehob A species of tea, s.
Lea ael Grass land enclosed, s,
Flea aelf A troublesome insect, s. -r

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