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St. Petersburg State University of Communication
Петербургский государственный университет путей сообщения
Established 1809
Rector Panychev Aleksandr Yurevich
Location Saint-Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg State University of Communication (Петербургский государственный университет путей сообщения, abbreviated ПГУПС) is a higher education institution specializing in railway transport. Before 1990 it was known as "Leningrad Institute of Railway Engineers" (Ленинградский институт инженеров железнодорожного транспорта abbreviated ЛИИЖТ). The main building is located on Moskovsky Prospekt, number 9. The institution educates engineers who built, develop and maintain railroads throughout the Russian Federation.

Its earliest precursors date back to 1798-1809 as a part of the training provided in the Department of Water Communications by NP Rumyantsev.[1]


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