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Launched 27 February 1966
11 June 2015 (relaunch)
Owned by ERT
Picture format 576i (SDTV) 16:9
Audience share 6.1% (13/8/2017 - 19/8/2017, AGB)
Country Greece
Language Greek
Headquarters House of Radio, Athens, Greece
Formerly called TED (1966–1970)
YENED (1970–1982)
ERT2 (1982–1987)
ET2 (1987–1997)
NET (1997–2013 )
ERT2 (2015–)
Replaced by New Hellenic Television
Sister channel(s) ERT1
ERT World
Website ERT2
DVB-T Channel 02
NOVA Greece Channel 103
OTE TV Channel 104
OTE TV Channel 104
Streaming media
ERT2 Live Watch Live

ERT2 (Greek: ΕΡΤ2), formerly NET (short for Néa Ellinikí Tileórasi; Greek: Νέα Ελληνική Τηλεόραση; Greek for New Hellenic Television), is the second television network of the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT), the public broadcaster of Greece. It is mainly a channel that broadcast documentaries, talkshows, current affairs programs and also some sporting events. It also broadcast children's shows. It was originally referred to as ERT2 and ET2 but the name was later changed to NET, before changing back to ERT2 by technically replacing NERIT Plus.

Amid protests of the government's decision to close the public broadcaster, ERT staff continued to operate NET via satellite and internet.[1] until November 7, 2013, when riot police stormed into ERT headquarters and took the internet programming of NET off the air.


On 27 February 1966, a second television channel was created by the Greek military, the Armed Forces Television, which in 1970 became a fully-fledged second broadcaster as the Armed Forces Information Service (YENED). It contained news, sports, fashion, music, drama series and more rarely documentaries, films and children programming.

On 3 November 1982, YENED passed under civilian control and was renamed as ERT2. Public broadcasters were the only broadcasters in Greece. ERT2 followed the same programming. In 1987, ERT and ERT2 became one company, ERT and the channels rebranded ET1 and ET2.

In 1997, ET-2 was restructured as a news and information channel, airing documentaries and sports. It was therefore renamed as NET (Nea Elliniki Tileorasi/New Hellenic Television).

On June 11, 2013, NET was taken off air after the Greek government announced its decision to close ERT. Amid protests, NET continued to be broadcast via the Internet with the help of the European Broadcasting Union until November 7, 2013 when police forces invaded the ERT building and took the programme off.

By ERT relaunch on June 11, 2015 the station returned as ERT2, technically replacing NERIT Plus on its space.


ERT2's shows included:

  • Pyrgos Athinon (Athens Tower) – The show, suggests our most important, the most interesting and different things that will happen or are happening in Athens and are output for entertainment and fun. Actions, events, entertainment, gastronomy, exhibitions, odd and the city's singularities, places and people that shape new trends and anything is created, moves and plays in Athens. Airs Saturdays at 6:30pm.
  • The Era of Images - Katerina Zacharopoulou, observing the international artistic activity, meets and talks with artists, museum directors and curators. The show focuses on the artistic discourse, the importance of large or smaller exhibitions in contemporary society and the Biennial European countries, presenting young artists with interesting jobs. Visiting museums and galleries with exhibitions that attract the interest of the general public.
  • Without Question - The documentary series, "Without question," is a series of film-documentary portraits of people of literature, science and art. Without asking the guest-hence the title of our broadcast only makes a personal narrative, as if it is addressed directly to the audience and tells us important pieces of his life and professional career.
  • Anciet Drama - In each episode a different project is presented through the eyes and the interpretive approach of a modern director or coefficient of theater at a time, in the form of a free course-workshop. The series aspires to him how to build a new proposal for a set of current research programs and teaching of ancient drama, as active researchers meetings of theater with young actors within the framework of a public course.
  • Art Week - The «Art Week» is to show that every week presents some of the most renowned Greek artists. Lena Aroni conversing with musicians, directors, writers, actors, artists, with people who, by the way and dedication in their work, have won the recognition and love of the public. They speak in «Art Week» for the way they approach their subject matter and describe joys and difficulties encountered in their path. Airs at 5:30pm.

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