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Mafatih al-Jinan (Keys to Heavens[1]) by Shaikh Abbass Qumi is a Twelver Shi'a compilation of selected chapters (surahs) from Quran, Taaqeebat e namaz (acts of worship after namaz), supplications narrated from the Ahle bayt and text of Ziyarats. This compilation is also available into English language.[2]

Mafatih al-Jinan contains some of the richest and most reliable duas (supplications) and verses from the vast Twelver literature and its collection (authenticity of scripts) is reliable & its compilation has been highly approved by Shi'a clerics throughout the last century.

The book is widely popular in the Twelver world and almost every Shia household in Iran possesses a copy of it.

It is widely available at Shi'a shrines in much of Iran & Iraq as it contains acts of prayers and texts of supplications and invocations which hold a prominent place in the Twelver Shi'a form of worship.

The book was originally in Persian translation & commentary accompanied with Arabic text, but later on was translated into many major languages, such as Urdu, English and Hindi.

Structure and content

Usually on the front pages Mafatih al-Jinan , a few verses from the Quran and all the Surah of the Quran is small. After that, the book consists of several parts:

  • Part in the rituals,Salat and property arrangements Salat and verses,
  • Work night and day and day of the week,
  • duas (dua Imam Ali ibn Husayn Zayn al-Abidin) and chanting Ali in the mosque of Great Mosque of Kufa,
  • Famous duas as, Du'a Kumayl, Jawshan Kabir, Du'a moral, etc.,
  • Ziarat area, the pilgrimage where Muhammed and his descendants began to visit the Twelve and pilgrimage and visit some of the great prophets included
  • Impose Islamic months (Muharram or Dhu al-Hijjah). Impose Roman months, solar,
  • duas for the spiritual and material problems,
  • Laws and customs related to the dead.

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