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This is a list of articles for JBoss software, and projects from the JBoss Community and Red Hat. This open-source software written in Java is developed in projects, and productized with commercial-level support by Red Hat.

JBoss productized software

JBoss Enterprise Middleware[1]
(software productized by Red Hat)
Type[1] Description
JBoss A-MQ Platform A small-footprint, high-performance, open source message-oriented middleware platform that can be deployed at outlets and devices for integration that extends beyond the data center. [2]
JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP) Platform A Java EE-based application server runtime platform used for building, deploying, and hosting highly transactional Java applications and services[3]
JBoss Enterprise Web Platform (JBoss EWP) Platform A Java EE-based application server runtime platform for building, deploying, and hosting applications and services; a lighter weight version of the JBoss EAP[4]
JBoss Enterprise Web Server (JBoss EWS) Platform A large scale web server with a platform for lightweight Java applications based on Apache Tomcat and Apache Web Server[5]
JBoss Enterprise BRMS Platform A business rule management system (BRMS) and reasoning engine for business policy and rules development, access, and change management;[6] a productized version of JBoss Drools and OptaPlanner
JBoss Rules Platform Java software for a reasoning engine based on JBoss Drools; the flagship product is JBoss Enterprise BRMS[7]
JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform (JBoss EPP) Platform An enterprise portal with the core web portal features of presentation, master page objects, containers, and a repository, and also an optional site publisher[8]
JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform (JBoss SOA-P) Platform A Java EE-based Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) software product;[9] includes the business integration and enterprise service bus (ESB) software JBoss Enterprise Service Bus (JBossESB or JBoss ESB)
JBoss Data Virtualization Platform This is the Data virtualization solution based on Teiid project.[10]
JBoss Fuse Platform A small-footprint, flexible, open source enterprise service bus (ESB) that can be deployed for integration that extends beyond the data center. [11] Fabric8 is a free Apache 2.0 Licensed upstream community for the JBoss Fuse product from Red Hat.
JBoss Hibernate Framework An Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) library that provides a framework for mapping an object-oriented domain model to a relational database for the purpose of persistent storage, and additional related software that enables the use of POJO-style domain models[12][13]
JBoss Seam Framework A web application framework development platform for building rich Internet applications[14][15]
JBoss Web Framework Kit Framework A set of web frameworks for building light and rich Java applications, including the rich Internet application frameworks Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and RichFaces, and the Java frameworks Spring and Apache Struts[16]
JBoss Developer Studio (JBDS) Tools and testing An integrated development environment (IDE) to develop, test, and deploy rich web applications, transactional enterprise applications, and SOA services, including JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform, JBoss Data Virtualization, JBoss Enterprise BRMS, and JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform; technologies available include Hibernate, JBoss Application Server for Java EE 5 and 6, Drools, jBPM, RichFaces, Seam, etc.[17]
JBoss Operations Network (JBoss ON or JON) Management A systems management suite for the JBoss Middleware products that provides monitoring, alerting, remote operational control, and remote configuration for network management[18][19]

JBoss projects and software

JBoss project or software[20] Type[20] Description
GateIn Web interface A project that merged JBoss Portal and eXo Portal to produce GateIn Portal;[21] used in JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform (JBoss EPP)


JBoss Portlet Bridge Web interface A non-final draft implementation of the JSR 301 and JSR 329 specifications that supports JavaServer Faces (JSF) within a JSR 286 portlet, and also supports other web frameworks such as Seam and RichFaces;[25] used in JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform
RichFaces Web interface A project that produces a user interface component framework for integrating Ajax capabilities into applications using JavaServer Faces (JSF);[26] a Java software component library for the development of web-based user interfaces
Switchyard Programming model To support SOA and ESB programming models in Java, a lightweight service delivery framework to define the contract, policies, configuration, composition, and management of services, with the goal of making the runtime managed automatically[27]


  • SwitchYard Core – provides the base capabilities required to define, register, and communicate with services
  • SwitchYard Components – plug-ins to provide functionality such as connectivity, routing, translation, and orchestration
  • SwitchYard Test – supports repeatable, self-contained tests during development
  • SwitchYard Tools – a command-line and graphical toolset that supports the development, deployment, and management of the services
ESB (JBossESB or JBoss ESB) Programming model JBoss Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is an implementation of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), enterprise service bus (ESB) software, and business integration software; JBossESB part of a Service-Oriented Infrastructure (SOI) and a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)[28]
Weld Programming model The reference implementation of JSR 299 Java Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI) for the Java EE platform[29]
Seam Programming model A web application framework development platform for building rich Internet applications[14]

Technologies include:

OSGi Programming model A framework that implements the OSGi specification for a module system and service platform that provides a dynamic component model for the JBoss Application Server[31]
EJB3 Programming model Enterprise Java Beans is a managed, server-side component architecture for modular construction of enterprise applications[32]
Snowdrop Programming model JBoss-specific extensions to the Spring Framework[33] to support the Spring Deployer, for situations when the Spring Framework generic implementation does not integrate correctly with the JBoss Application Server, and for access directly to the underlying JBoss Microcontainer
RESTEasy Programming model A project that implements the JAX-RS specification by providing various frameworks for building RESTful web services and RESTful Java applications;[34] a Java API for RESTful web services over the HTTP protocol that implements JAX-RS
TorqueBox Programming model A Ruby application platform, built on the JBoss Application Server, including Ruby on Rails and support for services such as messaging, scheduling, and daemons[35]
Errai Programming model A framework for building rich web applications using the Google Web Toolkit (GWT)[36][37]


  • ErraiBus message bus for message exchange between client and server components
  • ErraiWorkspaces to provide a UI environment in which to deploy a console and tooling similar to an Eclipse workspace
  • Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI) integration
  • Java Message Service (JMS) integration
  • Portals integration
  • Tools to create, diagnose and monitor applications
Railo Programming model An engine for the ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) that compiles code written in CFML into Java bytecode and executes it on a servlet engine for the purpose of building web applications[38]
KIE - Knowledge Is Everything Services The process of researching an integration knowledge solution for Drools and jBPM has simply used the "droolsjbpm" group name. This name permeates GitHub accounts and Maven POMs. As scopes broadened and new projects were spun KIE, an acronym for Knowledge Is Everything, was chosen as the new group name. The KIE name is also used for the shared aspects of the system; such as the unified build, deploy and utilization.
Drools Services A Business Rule Management System (BRMS) and reasoning engine used in JBoss Rules and JBoss Enterprise BRMS; a Business Logic integration platform for Rules, Workflow and Event Processing[39]


Hibernate Services A project that includes an object-relational mapping (ORM) library that provides a framework for mapping an object-oriented domain model to a relational database for the purpose of persistent storage, and additional related subprojects that enable the use of POJO-style domain models[12]

Key features:

  • Mapping from Java classes to database tables
  • Mapping from Java data types to SQL data types
  • Data query and retrieval facilities

Additional features provide support for tools, annotations, auditing/versioning, horizontal partitioning, JSR 303 Bean Validation, mapping for Apache Lucene, and mapping for the .NET Framework

HornetQ Services A project that produces a Message Oriented Middleware (MoM) messaging system that is multi-protocol, embeddable, clustered, and asynchronous;[40] JBoss Messaging moved to this project
jBPM Services A Business Process Management (BPM) suite, including a workflow engine, designed for the needs of business analysts, software developers, and end users[41]
RiftSaw Services A WS-BPEL 2.0 engine, optimized for the JBoss Application Server container, and based on Apache ODE, JBossWS, and JBossESB[42]
JGroups Services A toolkit for reliable multicast communication[43]
Transactions (JBossTS) Services The JBoss Transaction Service (JBossTS) is a Java Transaction API (JTA) that allows distributed transactions across multiple resources, and protects against data corruption by guaranteeing complete, accurate transactions, including web services through support of the specifications WS-Coordination, WS-AtomicTransaction, and WS-BusinessActivity;[44] Narayana is JBossTS 5
Blacktie Services Tools to support XATMI in Java EE, including API bindings in both C/C++ and Java for clients and services, and an XATMI broker for standalone Java applications, for XATMI clients, and to call XATMI services[45]
Web Services (JBossWS) Services JBoss Web Services (JBossWS) provides support for Java EE web services with a JAX-WS implementation[46]
Remoting Services A Java framework for symmetric and asymmetric communication over a network, including invocations, one way messaging, and asynchronous callbacks[47]
PicketBox Services A Java security framework for authentication, authorization, auditing, and security mapping, and also an OASIS XACML v2.0 compliant engine[48]
PicketLink Services A project that addresses various identity management needs in Java[49]

It is being merged into the Keycloak project.[50]

IronJacamar Services A Java Connector Architecture (JCA) container inside JBoss Application Server that allows access to an Enterprise Information System (EIS) using a standard resource adapter (a protocol adapter) provided by the EIS vendor[51]
Clustering Services Clustering for scalability and High Availability (HA) of JBoss Application Server, including fail-over, load-balancing, and distributed deployment[52]
Keycloak Services Integrated SSO and IDM for browser apps and RESTful web services. Built on top of the OAuth 2.0, Open ID Connect, JSON Web Token (JWT) and SAML 2.0 specifications[53]
Marshalling Services A serialization and marshalling API that is an enhanced alternative to the standard and its relatives found in the Java Development Kit (JDK)[54]
Serialization Services A serialization API that is a faster alternative to the standard and found in the Java Development Kit (JDK);[55] includes smart cloning, the capability of the reuse of final fields among different class loaders
Tohu Services A UI generation tool used to support the building of question and answer style interactions from Drools rulesets[56]
Application Server (JBoss AS) Servers The JBoss Application Server is a Java EE application server platform for developing and deploying enterprise Java applications, web applications, and web portals[57]
Web Servers A web server that is based on Tomcat, is designed for medium and large applications, and includes Java Server Pages (JSP), Java Servlet technologies, PHP, and CGI[58]
Teiid Servers Data virtualization software used to access heterogeneous and distributed data stores with a uniform API[59]



  • Teiid Designer – for description, see Teiid Designer in this table
  • Teiid JOPR Console – to monitor, manage, and control servers
  • Teiid AdminShell – uses scripting to support the automation of administrative and testing tasks
Mobicents Servers A project that produces an open-source VoIP platform[60]


  • Mobicents JAIN SLEE
  • Mobicents Sip Servlets
  • Mobicents Media Server
  • Mobicents SIP Presence Service
  • Mobicents Diameter
  • Mobicents SS7
Microcontainer Servers Direct POJO deployment and standalone use outside the JBoss Application Server with all the features of the JMX Microkernel and direct IOC style dependency injection[61]
Jopr and RHQ Management Relationship between Jopr and RHQ:
  • Jopr was previously a project for the management of JBoss Application Server, but is now part of the RHQ project[62]
  • RHQ is a systems management suite for multiple products and platforms that provides monitoring, alerting, remote operational control, and remote configuration[18]
Embedded Jopr Management A web-based application for managing and monitoring JBoss Application Server[63]
ModeShape Management A JSR 283 Java Content Repository (JCR) 2.0 implementation that provides access to existing information, including files, systems, databases, other repositories, services, applications, etc. (formerly named JBoss DNA)[64]
Overlord Management An umbrella project for the management and governance of the JBoss SOA Platform, dealing with the processes by which a system operates, providing for the management, monitoring and administration of those processes, and the discipline of creating policies and communicating and enforcing the policies[65]


  • Guvnor – for description, see Guvnor in this table
  • ModeShape – for description, see ModeShape in this table
  • SAVARA – for description, see SAVARA in this table
  • SAMM – the Service Activity Monitoring and Management (SAMM) project uses complex event processing (CEP) technology to analyze events from distributed systems and present the information in a concise form
Guvnor Management Governance Repository utilities and tools for governing and managing artifacts, including rule and process definitions, service descriptions, database schemas, etc.[66]
StormGrind Cloud The umbrella project for the JBoss cloud software[67]


BoxGrinder Cloud A set of projects for building appliances for virtualization and Cloud providers:[72]
  • BoxGrinder Studio – a Web front-end for BoxGrinder REST (in planning)
  • BoxGrinder REST – a RESTful API to BoxGrinder Build
  • BoxGrinder Build – a command line tool to build appliances
Tools Tools & Testing An umbrella project for Eclipse plugins and features for Java software development for JBoss Developer Studio, J2EE, and related technology, including Hibernate, JBoss Application Server, Drools, jBPM, JavaServer Faces, (X)HTML, Seam, Smooks, JBoss ESB, JBoss Portal, etc.[30]
Teiid Designer Tools & Testing A visual tool for model-driven definition (including virtual databases containing views, procedures, or dynamic XML documents), integration, management and testing of data services, without programming, using the Teiid runtime framework[73]
Arquillian Tools & Testing A test framework that can be used to perform testing inside a remote or embedded container, or deploy an archive to a container so the test can interact as a remote client; Arquillian integrates with other testing frameworks (e.g., JUnit 4, or TestNG 5), allowing the use of IDE, Ant, and Maven test plugins[74]
ShrinkWrap Tools & Testing An API to assemble archives (e.g., JAR, WAR, or EAR), which can then be deployed into an integration container (e.g., JBoss EmbeddedAS, GlassFish v3 Embedded, Jetty, or OpenEJB), or exported to a file, or exported to an exploded directory structure, or serialized over a network to a remote host, etc.; ShrinkWrap is the supported deployment mechanism of the Arquillian project[75]
JSFUnit Tools & Testing A test framework for JavaServer Faces (JSF) applications, with JSFUnit tests running inside a container, which allows access to managed beans, the FacesContext, EL Expressions, the internal JSF components, and the parsed HTML output[76]
Tattletale Tools & Testing A tool that produces reports from the JAR files of a Java project or product which can be used to locate components and identify issues regarding dependencies, versions, black listed APIs, OSGi, etc.[77]
Byteman Tools & Testing A tool for tracing and testing of Java programs[78]


  • Insert extra Java code into an application or Java library, either as it is loaded during JVM startup or while it is running
  • Does not require use or preparation of the source code
  • For testing, inject faults or synchronization code in order to perform unusual or unexpected operations
  • Uses a scripting language based on Event Condition Action (ECA) rules that specify:
    • a trigger point – where the code should be inserted
    • the trigger condition – a boolean expression that is evaluated when execution arrives at the trigger point
    • the trigger action – a sequence of expression(s) to be executed if the boolean expression is true
Scribble Tools & Testing A language used to describe the application-level protocols used by systems to communicate, that can be used for the behavioral assurance of programs during development and validation[79]

The language has three layers:

  • the bottom layer is a type layer describing the session type
  • the second layer is an assertion layer used to further describe the type layer
  • the third layer is a protocol document layer used to describe multiple protocols and their constraints
SAVARA Tools & Testing A project that provides a methodology and tools for testing so that any artifacts defined during a phase of the software lifecycle can be validated against other artifacts in preceding and subsequent phases of the lifecycle, providing assurance that the final delivered system meets the original business requirements[80]
Profiler Tools & Testing A profiler using JVMPI and JVMTI that uses an agent written in C that logs to disk events from the JVM; the logs are accessed and analyzed using a web browser[81]
Mass Tools & Testing A project that facilitates migration to JBoss Enterprise Platforms and JBoss Enterprise Frameworks[82]


Distributed Test Framework (JBossDTF) Tools & Testing JBoss Distributed Test Framework (JBossDTF) is a testing tool used to run tests that involve multiple processes, including clients and servers, in heterogeneous environments[84]
PressGang Other The focus of documentation assistance for JBoss projects, including the JBoss Documentation Guide, jDocBook Styles, help with using DocBook XML, and access to subject matter experts[85]
mod_cluster Other A httpd-based load balancer that forwards requests to one of a set of server nodes, and using Mod-Cluster Management Protocol (MCMP), receives server-side load balance factors and lifecycle events from the server nodes[86]
Netty Other A project that produces an asynchronous event-driven network application framework and tools for the development of network protocol servers and clients; a client–server framework for the development of Java applications using network programming[87]
XNIO Other A low-level I/O API, an improvement on New I/O (NIO), that includes blocking and non-blocking operations, multicast sockets, support for channels (e.g., SSL or virtual channels), and a callback-based interface[88]
Javassist Other A load-time reflective system that is a class library for editing bytecode in order to define a new class at runtime and to modify a class file before the JVM loads it[89]
Wise Other A project that produces a Java framework to invoke web services as an alternative to JAX-WS, usable as a base for zero-code web service invocation[90]

Components include:

  • Wise-core – a library for web service invocation
  • Wise-webgui – a web application used to call a generic web-service given the WSDL
  • Logging Meta Service (LMS) – a tool used to log TCP communications in order to view request-response messages
Maven jDocBook Plugin Other A tool to render DocBook content as part of a Maven build using as dependencies the DocBook distribution, custom XSLT, custom fonts, custom images, and custom css[91]
Maven jDocBook Style Plugin Other No information available[92]
Maven jBoss-retro Plugin Other A tool to use JBoss Retro as part of a Maven build[93]
Maven Buildmagic Thirdparty Plugin Other A tool to integrate projects using Ant/Buildmagic and projects using Maven[94]
Buildmagic Other A collection of Ant tasks used to build multi-module Ant projects[95]
APIviz Other A JavaDoc doclet which extends the Java standard doclet to generate UML-like class and package diagrams for understanding the overall API structure[96]
Retro Other A tool for transforming compiled bytecode from one format to another, including renaming classes, redirecting method calls, changing data types, and translating JDK 1.5 bytecode to JDK 1.4 bytecode[97]
Forums Other A Forums portlet based on JavaServer Faces (JSF), designed for use with JBoss Portal 2.X[98]
Wiki Other A Wiki portlet based on the JSPWiki wikitext syntax, designed for use with JBoss Portal 2.7[99]
Blog Other A web application to manage multiple feeds and aggregate information into a web interface[100]
Portal Archive A project that was made part of the GateIn Portal project[101]
Portlet Container Archive A project that was made part of the GateIn Portal project[102]
Messaging Archive An enterprise asynchronous messaging system that superseded JBoss MQ as the default Java Message Service (JMS) provider in JBoss Application Server (JBoss AS) 5; this messaging project was moved to the HornetQ project[103]
Cache (JBC) Archive JBoss Cache (JBC) implements a cache, that can be replicated and transactional, for frequently accessed Java objects to improve application performance[104]
AOP Archive A framework for Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP)[105]
IIOP Archive Supports CORBA/IIOP access to enterprise beans deployed in a JBoss Application Server[106]
JMX Archive The project JBossMX produces an implementation of Java Management Extensions, and is the core of the JBoss microkernel architecture for JBoss Application Server[107]
JRunit Archive A project that adds benchmarking and distributed client/server based tests to JUnit[108]
Gravel Archive A set of component libraries that provide components for JavaServer Faces (JSF) applications[109]
Kosmos Archive A suite of portlets to monitor software development projects[110]
Shotoku Archive Access to repositories that support revisioning, including JSR 170 Java Content Repository (JCR), Subversion, and file-system based repositories[111]
DavCache Archive A filesystem-style interface to JBoss Cache that can be accessed by a WebDAV-capable client, including Windows Explorer[112]
Reporting Services Archive A project that produces reporting services for enterprise applications[113]
Portlet Swap Archive A place to exchange JSR 168 portlets and themes and layouts for use in JBoss Portal[114]
Metajizer Archive A metadata maintenance tool for the browser Firefox bookmark links[115]
JBoss Mail Server (JBoss Collaboration Server) Archive Messaging and collaboration software; this project moved to in late 2006, and is now known as the Meldware Communication Suite

See also


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