List of Hungarian game shows

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Show Title Name in America TV Channel
Talent Show"Megasztár"Hungarian Idol (from Idol Series)TV2
It has 5 part now.
Quiz Show"Legyen ön is milliomos!"Be a Millionaire! (from Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?)RTL Klub
It was the most popular show in Hungary from 2000 to 2008.
Quiz Show"Pókerarc"PokerfaceRTL Klub
It has two parts, but the first was longer very much.
Special Game Show"Mr. és Mrs."Mr. and Mrs.TV2
Quiz Show"Okosabb vagy, mint egy ötödikes?"Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? (from -II-)TV2
Talent Show, Reality Show"Chao, Darwin!"Chao, Darwin!TV2
Activity Show"Activity Show"Activity ShowTV2
It has a lot of seasons.
Human Tetris Show"Kalandra fal!"Adventure Wall! (from Human Tetris, Hole in the Wall)RTL Klub
Gambling Show"Áll az alku!"It's a deal! (from Deal or No Deal)TV2
It has three seasons with different designs, places and rules.
Quiz Show"A Széf"The Safe (from Take It or Leave It)RTL Klub
Quiz Show"Párbaj"The DuelMagyar Televízió/mtv
Quiz Show"A 40 Milliós Játszma"Game with 40 million (from Million Dollar Pound Drop)TV2
You can play it on the Internet!
Improvisational Comedy"Beugró"Pop (From "Whose Line It Anyway?")mtv/Viasat3/TV2/Comedy Central/COOL TV
It has a lot of seasons on different TV Channels
Talent Show"Csillag születik"A Star Is Born (from Got a Talent)RTL Klub
It's one of the most popular shows in Hungary.
Talent Show"X-Faktor"X-Factor (from The X-Factor)RTL Klub
It's one of the most popular shows in Hungary.