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Korean Wikipedia
"Wikipedia - the encyclopedia that belongs to us all."[1]
Type of site
Internet encyclopedia project
Available in Korean
Headquarters Miami, Florida
Owner Wikimedia Foundation
Website ko.wikipedia.org
Commercial No
Registration Optional
Korean Wikipedia
Hangul 한국어 위키백과
Hanja 韓國語 위키百科
Revised Romanization Han(-)gugeo Wikibaekgwa
McCune–Reischauer Han'gugŏ Wikibaekkwa

The Korean Wikipedia (Korean: 한국어 위키백과, translit. Han-gugeo Wikibaekgwa) is the Korean language edition of the Wikipedia. It was founded in October 2002 and reached ten thousand articles on 4 June 2005.[2] As of 10 April 2015, it has 310,600 articles and is the 26th largest Wikipedia.[3] In April 2016, the project had 847 active editors who made at least five edits in that month.


The Korean Wikipedia initially used an older version of MediaWiki, the software had problems representing Hangul, which limited usage. In August 2002, the software was upgraded and started to support non-English scripts such as hangul.[4] However, Internet Explorer continued to have an encoding problem, which kept contributions to the encyclopedia low.[5] Nevertheless, from October 2002 to July 2003, the number of articles increased from 13 to 159, and in August 2003 it reached 348. Finally, in September 2003 the hangul problem was solved. From September 2003, with no accessing difficulty once the encoding error in IE was solved, the number of contributions and visits increased. Korean Wikipedia's prospects became even more optimistic following the momentum created by substantial coverage in the Korean media.

Korean Wikipedia won the Information Trust Award in the general Internet culture branch in 2005.[citation needed][importance?]


Number of Articles Date Article
1 12 October 2002
10,000 5 June 2005
20,000 12 February 2006
30,000 14 December 2006
40,000 2 August 2007
50,000 4 January 2008
60,000 24 April 2008
70,000 7 August 2008
80,000 20 November 2008
90,000 25 February 2009
100,000 4 June 2009
110,000 26 August 2009
120,000 18 November 2009
130,000 13 March 2010
140,000 4 July 2010
150,000 15 December 2010
160,000 13 April 2011
170,000 9 August 2011
180,000 3 November 2011
190,000 19 February 2012
200,000 19 May 2012
210,000 7 August 2012
220,000 4 November 2012
230,000 7 February 2013
240,000 30 May 2013
250,000 3 October 2013
260,000 1 January 2014
270,000 14 March 2014
280,000 17 June 2014
290,000 28 September 2014
300,000 5 January 2015
310,000 5 April 2015
320,000 4 July 2015

Hangul and Hanja

The Korean Wikipedia is written almost entirely in hangul. Hanja is only used in order to clarify certain phrases, and is usually parenthesized. There is a group, named , that is actively working to introduce a mixed script system to the Korean Wikipedia. A request for a separate Wikipedia in mixed script, however, was rejected.[6]


There are two major standards in the Korean language, the South Korea standard, and the North Korea standard. North Koreans are underrepresented on the Korean Wikipedia, due to North Korean censorship of the Internet in North Korea. Therefore, most users of the Korean Wikipedia are South Koreans and most articles are written in the South Korean style. The official name of the Wikipedia is 한국어 위키백과 Hangugeo Wiki-baekgwa. Hangugeo is the name for the Korean language in South Korea, and baekgwa is a clipped form of 백과사전 baekgwasajeon "encyclopedia".

Services derived from Korean Wikipedia

Businesses heavily make use of Korean Wikipedia in various ways, for its license, the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License (CC BY-SA), allows modification and distribution for commercial purpose.

Empas integrated Korean Wikipedia database in its search since 11 August 2005.[7] The feature to search Korean Wikipedia using a mobile phone with a wireless Internet connection through Nate was available to the subscribers of SK Telecom from 6 July 2007.[8] Since 21 August, Daum mirrored Korean Wikipedia and English Wikipedia on its portal,[9] and Naver also started to present the search results from Korean and English Wikipedia prior to others from 11 January 2008.[10]


The South Korean right-wing youth group story K favors a proactive involvement of right-wing media establishments for the Korean Wikipedia.[11][12]

Despite the South Korean conservative New Rights establishments pressured the government to approve the term, liberal democracy, to represent South Korea in Korean history textbooks, the head of the National Institute of Korean History, Lee Tae-jin (이태진), proposed to use this political term by citing the Korean version of Wikipedia as a main source.[13]

Human rights groups have sent copies of Korean Wikipedia to North Korea on USB sticks by balloon.[14]



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