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Galician Wikipedia
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The Galician Wikipedia (Galician: Wikipedia en galego; also shortened to Galipedia), is the Galician version of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It all began on 8 March 2003. This version now has 122.978 articles (as of June 2015). The milestone of 100,000 was achieved on 4 March 2013, four days before its tenth anniversary.

For a detailed chronological list of significant Galipedia events, consult (in Galician). Other pages relay project statistics, including and (also in Galician).


Wikipedia appeared in Galician on 8 March 2003. ILVI, the first user, registered on this same day. Axiña began work on what would become the first version of the portal. It took four more days until the first article would be created in the database: ou. Other entries would soon follow like calcium hydroxide, experimental science, social science, mysticism, applied science and botanics. Months later Agremon registered and become the first Galician administrator at Galipedia. Agremon was the person who put forward the name of Galipedia to refer to the Galician project, which was still under a year old. Soon afterwards, Galipedia would be quoted on newspaper websites, and other media, by those interested in the work undertaken.


Galipedia is a collective Galician language encyclopedia open to global contributors, as long as they remain open minded about others contributions. There is a wide range of subjects, ranging from Galician sports and cuisine to the biographies of personalities from physics, astronomy, linguistics and history. Galipedia differs from traditional encyclopedias in two ways. First, by its incredible growth and second by its ability to absorb and shape information almost immediately. For example, the obituaries section or regional news can be absorbed as articles quickly, in many cases becoming part of Wikipedia in a matter of hours or even minutes. This has become possible thanks to contact with the rest of Wikipedia, from where models and translations are provided. The license used is called the GNU General Public License. At the beginning of 2011, almost 30% of Galipedia articles were categorised or subcategorised inside the Galicia category.


Galipedia has access to image sources beyond those provided by Wikimedia Commons. This is not the case with all other Wikipedia languages. At present, 9,645 files have been loaded, most of them local file images. In early February 2013, 244226 different images had been used across the project (including duplicate images). This did not include icons, banners, etc. The image 'Concellos_menos_poboados_de_Galiza.PNG' was used 1284 times and 'Piazza_del_Campidoglio.jpg' was used 1082 times.


The number of active editors in 2009 ranged from approximately 260 to 330. Of these, approximately twenty are little active and between 0 and 3 provide in general the bulk of monthly updates. Average article creation since the project began in April 2002 is 8,250 per year; however, for the period of 2007 to 2010, this average increases to 11,400 new articles. Around 35% of these articles were created by the ten most active editors. By category, this approaches 100% for both articles and pictures.

Quality Articles

Galipedia has 44 high quality articles. The first to receive this distinction was the Club Balconcesto Breogán article from June 2010. Soon afterwards, articles for Castelao, Ramón Piñeiro, Lugo, hórreo galego, the Kingdom of Galicia, the 1936 Statute of Autonomy of Galicia, Valentin Paz-Andrade, and the Easter Rising would make the list.

Human Factor

Galipedia has given rise to a community of contributors with common goals despite differences of origin, age, geography or ideology. To this end, there is already a group of collaborators formed around the encyclopedia, which has given rise to groups on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. It is worth noting that female editors of Galipedia, and for that matter Wikipedia, are still largely in the minority. In addition to contributing to Wikipedia over the internet, discuss wikis and encyclopedias at lectures and meetings to promote their use. On 15 January 2011 (the 10th anniversary of Wikipedia), there was a meeting in Culleredo and another in Ribadeo. In September of that same year, a workshop in the City of Culture was launched. In 2011, on January 15 (anniversary of Wikipedia) and March 8 (anniversary of Galipedia) editing standards were seen to have reached new levels. In January it was proposed that 5,000 edits be accomplished per day (4,500 were met) and in March 500 new articles a day were targeted (around 450 were achieved). Throughout its history Galipedia's activity has included interviews with various forms of media such as TVG, Radio Galega and articles in the Xornal de Galicia or Vieiros.

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