Galaxy Bubbles

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Front and back of the wrapper of a large Galaxy Bubbles bar.
Galaxy Bubbles
Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)
Energy2,317 kJ (554 kcal)
54.7 g
Sugars54.1 g
Dietary fibre1.5 g
34.2 g
Saturated20.4 g
6.5 g
MineralsQuantity %DV
110 mg
Percentages are roughly approximated using US recommendations for adults.

Galaxy Bubbles is a chocolate bar made by Mars similar to a Cadburys Wispa or Nestlé Aero and was introduced in early 2010.[1] The chocolate is like an ordinary Galaxy which has been aerated. Mars now produce orange versions of this product.

The standard version sold in stores is lighter compared to its competitors, at 31 g (1.1 oz) and consequently has a lower energy content, at 169 kcal (710 kJ), compared to the Wispa's 39 g (1.4 oz) and 210 kcal (880 kJ) or the Aero's 46 g (1.6 oz) and 220 kcal (920 kJ).

It is also available as a 100g 'block' or as a 28g milk chocolate egg (again with an aerated centre). The bar is suitable for vegetarians.



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