Freedom Fields Hospital

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Coordinates: 50°22′43″N 4°07′44″W / 50.3785°N 4.1289°W / 50.3785; -4.1289

Freedom House, built in 1909 on the site of the City Hospital, to house the Board of Guardians of the City Hospital, is the only remaining original building since the Freedom Fields Hospital relocated to Derriford in 1994

Freedom Fields Hospital was a city hospital in Plymouth, England until it closed in 1998, though its responsibilities had been slowly reduced since 1982. The building served the community's medical needs in many capacities over its history. The former site of the hospital is now largely a residential area.


The hospital was first opened as a workhouse in 1858, on a site to the east of the junction of Longfield Place and Greenbank Road[1] and was enlarged steadily until 1909. Like other workhouses, it was changed into a hospital in 1930 and became known as the 'Plymouth City Hospital'. When the National Health Service was established in 1948 it was renamed 'Freedom Fields Hospital'. Further extension and improvements to the building took place, with the addition of several new sections, including a pharmacy and an intensive care unit.

The building suffered significant damage during World War II. It was bombed several times during attacks on the areas surrounding Plymouth Sound. Several nurses, doctors, and patients (including 19 infants in 1940)[2] were killed over the course of these bombings.


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