Frænkel Land

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Frænkel Land
Frænkel Land
Location within Greenland

Frænkel Land is a peninsula in eastern Greenland. Located in the Northeast Greenland National Park, it is bounded by the inner reaches of Kejser Franz Joseph Fjord and the Isfjord.


It was named Frænkels Halfö by A.G. Nathorst on his 1899 expedition after Knut Frænkel, the Swedish engineer and meteorologist on Andrée’s balloon expedition to the North Pole. Nathorst’s expedition was searching for traces of the lost Andrée expedition.

In the southwesternmost part of Frænkel Land at 73°05′N 28°37′W / 73.083°N 28.617°W / 73.083; -28.617 (Petermann Bjerg) lies Petermann Peak (Danish: Petermann Bjerg),[1] a 2940 m high mountain. It was named by the Second German North Polar Expedition 1869–70 as Petermanns Spitze in honour of the initiator of the expedition, August Heinrich Petermann.


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Coordinates: 73°16′N 27°15′W / 73.267°N 27.250°W / 73.267; -27.250