Elnesvågen og Omegn IL

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Elnesvågen og Omegn IL
Full name Elnesvågen og Omegn Idrettslag
Founded 3 September 1922
Ground Elnesvågen Stadion
Elnesvågen, Fræna
League Third Division
2012 Third Division/ 9, 8th[1]

Elnesvågen og Omegn IL is a Norwegian sports club from Fræna, Møre og Romsdal. It has sections for football, handball and athletics.[2]

The club was founded in 1993, as a merge between Fræna FK and Elnesvågen IL,[3] but the club official founding date is 3 September 1922 - inherited by the oldest parent clubs.[2]

The men's football team currently resides in the Third Division (fourth tier), where its current stint began in 2005.[4]


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