Frække Frida og de frygtløse spioner

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Frække Frida og de frygtløse spioner
Movie poster
Directed by Søren Ole Christensen
Produced by Kenneth Madsen
Written by Søren Ole Christensen
Starring Anette Brandt
Mathias Klenske
Ida Kruse Hannibal
Gunilla Odsbøl
Music by Søren Rasted
Claus Norreen
Cinematography Nicolaj Brüel
Henrik Ploug Christensen
Edited by Birger Madsen
Distributed by Nordisk Film
Release date
18 March 1994
Running time
75 min.
Country Denmark
Language Danish

Frække Frida og de frygtløse spioner (English: Naughty Frida and the Fearless Spies), often shortened to simply Frække Frida, is a 1994 Danish children's film written and directed by Søren Ole Christensen. Christensen based the story on a series of children's books by Lykke Nielsen. Music for the film was written and performed by Søren Rasted and Claus Norreen who later teamed up with René Dif and Lene Nystrøm later in 1994 to form the Bubblegum/eurodance music group, Joyspeed (later renamed to Aqua).


Actor Role
Anette Brandt Frida
Mathias Klenske Adam
Ida Kruse Hannibal Desiré
Gunilla Odsbøl Amalie
Arne Siemsen Frida's father Poul
Charlotte Sieling Frida's mother Jytte
Finn Nielsen Richard Gunnersen
Axel Strøbye Frida's grandfather Carl
Birgit Sadolin Frida's grandmother
Jesper Klein Park Ranger
Tom McEwan Mr. Johnson
Morten Suurballe Mr. Goldbody
Lisbet Lundquist Neighbor
Paprika Steen Lonni
Søren Hytholm Jensen Johnny


Frække Frida og de frygtløse spioner
Soundtrack album by Soren Rasted and Claus Norreen
Released 1994
Recorded 1993
Genre Soundtrack
Language Danish

The film itself is not particularly well-known, but the soundtrack formed an important part during Aqua's (then Joyspeed) early days. It is often credited with helping to start their career. The young producers Søren Rasted and Claus Norreen had won a contest and were hired to produce the soundtrack. For some of the songs they hired the then club DJ René Dif. The three had previously not been associated with each other, but their getting along well whilst making the soundtrack made them decide to work together again on a future project. The future project would ultimately eventually lead to the creation and success of Aqua, with Lene Nystrøm as their lead vocalist.

Track titles

  • De frygtløse spioner (featuring Thomas Skovgaard)
  • Nattens fe (featuring Peter Smith)
  • Frække Frida (featuring Annette Brandt, Mathias Klenske, Gunilla Odsbøl & Ida Hannibal Kruse)
  • Si-bab-rapper-di-åhh (featuring Arne Siemsen, René Dif & Annette Brandt)
  • Når jeg blir stor (featuring Alice Søndergård & Annette Brandt)
  • Gunnersen (featuring Arne Siemsen)
  • Godmorgen (featuring Thomas Skovgaard)
  • Den magiske kasse (featuring Annette Brandt, Mathias Klenske, Gunilla Odsbøl & Ida Hannibal Kruse)
  • Hele verden rundt (featuring Alice Søndergård)
  • Ønskebrønd (featuring Peter Smith & Søren Rasted)
  • Devil's child
  • Flugten
  • Si-bab-rapper-di-åhh (Dance Mix) (featuring Arne Siemsen, René Dif & Annette Brandt)
  • Frække Frida (featuring Christine Havkrog)

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