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A Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles (DCHP) is available in a 1967 edition (Avis et al. 1967) and in a 2017 expanded, updated and partially revised edition (Dollinger and Fee 2017). DCHP is a historical usage dictionary of words, expressions, or meanings which are native to Canada or which are distinctively characteristic of Canadian usage though not necessarily exclusive to Canada. The first edition was edited by Walter S. Avis (ed.-in-chief), C. Crate, P. Drysdale, D. Leechman, M. H. Scargill, C. J. Lovell, and published in 1967 by W. J. Gage Limited.

DCHP-1 was published after a period of about 12 years, and had a sizeable collection by C. J. Lovell at its base. W. J. Gage Publishers, the leading dictionary publisher for Canadian English (CanE) dictionaries at the time, contributed to the project (P. Drysdale was employed by Gage).[1] In this way, the first edition (DCHP-1) was the result of both academia and a publishing house. More importantly, however, the academic partner, headed by editor-in-chief Walter S. Avis, were given free hand. The result, despite all monetary constraints and pre-computer editing techniques, was a ground-breaking dictionary in several ways: the DCHP-1 was the first scholarly historical dictionary of a variety of English other than British English (see OED) or American English (DAE, DA) (Dollinger 2006), the two dominant varieties of English throughout the 20th century.

Meanwhile, other varieties of English have become the focus of historical dictionary projects: Australian (Ramson 1988), South African (Silva 1996), and New Zealand (Orsman 1997).

In 2006, after more than 40 years of existence without any updates, work on a new edition was started. Nelson Education Ltd., which acquired Gage Ltd. and with it the rights to the DCHP-1 had been actively seeking collaborators in academia to produce a new edition of the DCHP-1. This project, DCHP-2, was proposed at a conference on Canadian English in January 2005,[2] and formally commenced at the University of British Columbia's Department of English in August 2006, after a year of preparatory work. Since 2009, DCHP-2 has had no association with Nelson Ltd. or any other publisher and had been a purely academic project.


Completed in 2011 after automatic scanning and manual proofreading by a team of UBC students under the direction of Stefan Dollinger,[3] http://www.dchp.ca/DCHP-1/pages/history DCHP-1 was republished in open access as of 2013, thanks to Nelson Ltd. (Dollinger et al. 2013), and is available as a free website, DHCP-1 Online.[4]

DCHP-2, fully revised and expanded, is published 2017 (thanks to a three-year SSHRC Insight Grant, Competition 2012, Insight Grants).[5]

Release of DCHP-2

DCHP-2, the second, reconceptualized and updated edition (Dollinger & Fee 2017[6]), was released on 17 March 2017 on www.dchp.ca/dchp2 in open access. See the media one-pager for more information. The launch coincided with the 57th anniversary of Charles J. Lovell's passing, the founding editor of DCHP-1. DCHP-1 was launched as a Centennial project; DCHP-2 was launched as a Sesquicentennial contribution with the goal of lifting the discussion about Canadianisms, and about Canadian English more generally, on an empirically sounder footing. Media coverage has been, like with DCHP-1, substantial and included a lead article in The Globe and Mail ("Dictionary of Canadianisms is 'tabled' and 'all-dressed'" by M. Valpy) and appearances on national TV, such as in The National CBC news broadcast (interviewee M. Fee). For features of DCHP-2, see the dictionary's introduction by S. Dollinger & M. Fee.

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