List of Chief Pastors of the Pentecostal Mission

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The term chief pastors refers to the higher authority or a post given to pastors in the The Pentecostal Mission, known as the New Testament Church in the Middle East and a few other countries. The Church was established as the Ceylon Pentecostal Mission and is known by this name presently in Sri Lanka.

Current leading pastors

  • Pastor Wesley Peter who was the Chief Pastor of the mission entered into the glory of the Lord on July 22, 2015 and the new Chief Pastor, Deputy Chief Pastor & Associate Chief Pastor will be announced during the funeral ceremony of the deceased Chief Pastor.
  • Stephen Natarajan - (Deputy Chief Pastor) March 7,2014–present
  • A. Jayam - (Associate Chief Pastor) March 7,2014–present

List of deceased chief pastors

  • Paul Ramankutty 1923–1945
  • Alwin R. de Alwis 1945–1962
  • Freddy Paul 1962–1973
  • A. C. Thomas 1973–1976
  • Jacob Ratnasingham 1976–1990
  • V. G. Samuel 1990–1991
  • H. Ernest Paul 1991–1994
  • C. K. Lazarus 1994–1999
  • P. M. Thomas 1999–2001
  • T. U. Thomas 2001–2006
  • F. Wilson Joseph 2006–2014

* Wesley Peter March 7,2014–22 July 2015

Deceased associate or deputy chief pastors

  • C. John (1973–1977)
  • S.B. Earnest (1977–1987)
  • Philip Chandapillai (1977–1983)
  • T. Geevarghese (1984–1986)
  • Don M. Spiers (1987–2004)
  • Joy Fitch (2006–2011)