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Cedevita d.o.o.
HeadquartersZagreb, Croatia
ProductsDrink mixes, soft drinks
Number of employees
ParentAtlantic Grupa

Cedevita d.o.o. is a Croatian company which produces a wide range of teas, instant drinks and dietetic products. The main owner of the company was the Croatian pharmaceutical company Pliva d.d.. From 2001, Cedevita is part of the Atlantic Grupa, in its Consumer Healthcare Division.


The company started production at the end of the 1920s in Zagreb (Borongaj), where the main factory still remains. There is also a campus in the surroundings (University Campus Borongaj). The company's first factory was built here in 1929, as a branch of the Swiss company Wander AG to produce dietetic products.

In 1947, a new factory was built in Trogir; this facility was dedicated to the processing of plants and manufacturing of teas.

Cedevita instant vitamin drinks

The first instant vitamin drink (Orange flavored Cedevita) was created in 1969, but production did not start until 1970. In 1985, the company launched lemon flavour, and in 1990, grapefruit. 1999 was the year for two new flavours, wild berries and apple. Other flavours include tropical and mandarin. There is also a sugar free version, started in 1985. A product line called "Cedevita Junior" was designed for children, with a higher percentage of vitamins and minerals.

According to data published by Atlantic Grupa, Cedevita is Atlantic's best selling brand. Cedevita is in the Consumer Healthcare Division, accounting for a 24% of the sales. [1]

Product line

  • Cedevita (instant drink).
  • Vitamin enriched candies. In this line they produce the candies under the names: Cedevita, Pepermint, Rondo C, and Vau Vau.
  • Teas under the name Cedevita.
  • Dietetic products under the name Naturavita.
  • Pharmaceutical Products: Rondosept (those are pastilles that are prescribed during oral inflammation and pharyngitis) and Rehidromiks (in acute and chronic diarrheas).

Commercial address

CEDEVITA d.o.o. Planinska 15 10000 Zagreb Croatia [1]

Facts about the company

  • Employees: 251-500
  • Benefits during 2008: 25-50 million €
  • Established on 1 January 1929




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