Caucho Technology

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Caucho Technology, Inc.
Industry Technology
Founded 1998
Headquarters San Diego, CA
Products Web server, Application server

Caucho Technology is based in San Diego, CA. It is an information technology company that produces web server software and application server software as well as the originators of Quercus and Hessian open source projects.

Caucho Technology was founded in 1998.[1]

Caucho was mentioned in 2012 as a visionary vendor by Gartner.[2] Resin, Caucho's flagship product, was mentioned in the February 2012 Netcraft report as growing by a factor of ten in 2011.[2]


The Resin server project was started in 1997. The first version was released in 1998. Resin is both a web server[3] and an application server.[4] Resin is dual licensed as GPL and commercial.

Quercus, an open source standalone project that is part of Resin, is a PHP clone written in Java with speeds that exceed standard PHP.[5]

Hessian, another open source project from Caucho, is a binary web service protocol similar in concept to Google protocol buffers and BSON but predating them by almost a decade. Hessian is widely used.

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