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Burmese Wikipedia
Type of site
Internet encyclopedia project
Available in Burmese
Owner Wikimedia Foundation
Created by Burmese Wikipedia community
Commercial No
Registration Optional
Launched July 2004

The Burmese Wikipedia (Burmese: မြန်မာဝီကီပီးဒီးယား pronounced [mjəmà wɪkɨˈpiːdiə]) is the Burmese language edition of the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia. This edition was started in July 2004, and has about 38,000 articles as of April 2018.

As of April 2018, there are 50,000 users, 4 admins and 3,444 files on the Myanmar Wikipedia[1] ranking 85th by article count.



  • 2004: Burmese Wikipedia launched.
  • 2005: Some of Burmese Wikipedians joined and started writing .
  • 2008: Content grows drastically.
  • 2010: First Burmese Wikipedia workshop held at Bangkok, Thailand with people from Wikimedia Foundation, local and international Unicode experts and Burmese Wikipedians.
  • 2012: Burmese Wikipedia was Introduced at Barcamp Yangon.

Events and promotions

Burmese Wikipedia
Articles 38353
Files 3444
Edits 397534
Users 49739
Active users 90
Admins 4

Myanmar Computer Professionals Association had launched Wikipedia Myanmar project with the aim of expanding Wikipedia in 2010.[2]

Burmese Wikipedia community had held their first joint workshop in Yangon, Burma (Myanmar) with the help of Telenor Myanmar in June 2014 to recruite new volunteers.[3] The Burmese Wikipedia Forum was held at Dagon University in July 2014 attracting over 2,000 people, including students.[4]


The majority of Burmese internet users use the non-Unicode Zawgyi font so they have difficulty viewing Burmese Wikipedia.[2][4][5]


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