Brian Bergstein

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Brian Bergstein is the National Technology Editor for the American Associated Press news agency, based in Boston, Massachusetts.[1] His work focuses mainly on the economic, legal, and social implications of upcoming technologies.[2]


He is a graduate of Northwestern University and lives in Brookline, Massachusetts. Bergstein was raised in Los Angeles, California. He, his wife, and two children currently live in Brookline, Massachusetts.[2]

Awards and honors

From 2004 to 2005, he held one of the Knight Science Journalism Fellowships.[3]


Bergstein has been a technology journalist for 13 years. He has worked on the Web, computing, telecom, and in the business of technology from Silicon Valley, New York, and Boston.[4] Previously a technology writer for the Associated Press's New York bureau,[1] Bergstein was promoted to Technology Editor in mid-2008 when the AP reorganised to cover stories by topic rather than geographical areas.[5] He has worked as a journalism instructor at Boston University. He is also deputy editor of MIT Technology Review.[4]


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