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Alemannic Wikipedia
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The Alemannic Wikipedia (Alemannic: Alemannischi Wikipedia) is the Alemannic language edition of the Web-based free-content encyclopedia Wikipedia. The project was started on November 13, 2003 as an Alsatian language edition. A year later it was expanded to encompass all Alemannic dialects because of low activity in the first year. Since 2004 all Alemannic dialects are accepted on als:wp.

As of May 2018, this edition has about articles[1] and is the 108th largest Wikipedia by number of articles.[2] Contributors and users include people from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Liechtenstein, and even a few Walser people from Italy.[citation needed]


Articles and article titles

A peculiarity of the Alemannic Wikipedia is the wide range of dialects permitted; all varieties of Alemannic, including Swiss German, Swabian, Alsatian, and all others are accepted. Authors may not normally alter the dialect used by another contributor, though exceptions are made for local topics, in which modifying the text to reflect the local variety is encouraged. Articles may thus be written in a mix of different varieties. Since there is no standardized orthography for Alemannic, spelling rules are quite relaxed. However, contributors are encouraged to adhere to spelling conventions found in the Alemannic-language literature, and introducing new symbols is not tolerated.[3]

Article titles are in Standard German, but display is frequently manipulated to show Alemannic text.

Language codes

The code als was used because in 2003 there had been no language code for Alsatian. ISO 639-3 gives four codes for several Alemannic dialects:

As all of these four dialects are accepted on the Alemannic Wikipedia, it was decided not to move the Alemannic Wikipedia to, even though the code als stands for Tosk Albanian in ISO 639-3. To solve this problem a request for a superior code for all Alemannic dialects has been submitted to SIL International by Alemannic Wikipedians.[4]

Despite the existence of dedicated ISO 639-3 codes and the possibility of more specific marking with country code subtags, all pages use 'gsw' in the HTML language tag.

List of dialects that are used on single-dialect pages

Below is a list of dialects that have a category in and where that category contains at least one article.

List of dialects used for a full article in the Alemannic Wikipedia
BCP 47 Name (autonym) Name (English) Country Part of
swg Schwäbisch Swabian DE Schwäbisch
wae Wallisertiitsch Walser German CH, AT Höchstalemannisch
wae-AT Vorarlbärgischs Walsertüütsch AT Höchstalemannisch
gsw Oberrhiinalemannisch DE,FR? Niederalemannisch
gsw Bodeseealemannisch DE,CH Niederalemannisch
gsw-AT Vorarlbärgisch AT (several, group of dialects)
gsw-LI Liachtastänerisch LI (several, group of dialects)
gsw-FR Elsässisch Alsatian German FR Niederalemannisch > Oberrheinalemannisch
gsw-DE Markgräflerisch DE Hochalemannisch
gsw-CH Aargauerdüütsch Aargau German CH Hochalemannisch
gsw-CH Baselbieterdütsch CH Hochalemannisch
gsw-CH Baseldytsch Basel German CH Niederalemannisch > Oberrheinalemannisch
gsw-CH Bärndütsch Bernese German CH Hochalemannisch
gsw-CH Freiämtertütsch CH
gsw-CH Glarnertüütsch CH
gsw-CH Ostschwizertütsch CH
gsw-CH Schwyzerdütsch CH
gsw-CH Soledurnerdütsch CH Hochalemannisch
gsw-CH St. Gallerdütsch CH Hochalemannisch
gsw-CH Seislertütsch CH Höchstalemannisch
gsw-CH Züritüütsch Zürich German CH Hochalemannisch

Other Wikipedias in German dialect

Alemannic Wikipedia was the first Wikipedia in a German dialect, followed by the Bavarian Wikipedia and the Ripuarian Wikipedia.

Alemannic in other Wikimedia projects

Other Wikimedia projects in Alemanic have also been created, such as an Alemannic Wiktionary, an Alemannic Wikiquote, and an Alemannic Wikibooks. As activity in these projects was low even after years, the community of the Alemannic Wikipedia decided to merge all Alemannic projects and import all contents of the other projects into the Alemannic Wikipedia. Since April 2008 these projects are separate namespaces within the Alemannic Wikipedia. Also an Alemannic Wikisource and an Alemannic Wikinews have been created as separate namespaces within als:wp.

Wikidata supports one language with code 'gsw' and name 'Swiss German'. A proposal to remove it has not been adopted. [1].


Milestone Date Article[5]
1 article 2003-12-27
1,000 articles 2005-10-13
2,000 articles 2006-06-07
3,000 articles 2007-05-01
4,000 articles 2008-07-12
5,000 articles 2009-05-08
6,000 articles 2010-02-21
7,000 articles 2010-12-14
8,000 articles 2011-02-22
9,000 articles 2011-05-16
10,000 articles 2011-06-22
11,000 articles 2012-02-21

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